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We’ve been very busy, working hard on the issues that affect our industry. Here’s a brief legislative snapshot of what we’ve done for you lately.
Water Rate Changes
Succeeded in keeping commercial water rate increases substantially lower than that of residential users (water rates only increased 8.1% as opposed to the originally proposed increase of 28%)

Prop. 1 Drainage Fee
  • Commercial fees are now the same as for residential users
  • Due to BOMA pressure, the Mayor has proposed that 1,000 sq. feet are exempt from calculating the drainage fees for each home or business
  • *NEW UPDATE* property owners will now have UNLIMITED time to appeal their fee calculations, as well as when there is a change in property ownership

Water Sub-Meter Credit Program
Negotiated with the City of Houston to increase the maximum credits a building could receive for recycling chiller water—resulting in substantial savings for buildings that get the most out of the potential from their chillers

Historic Preservation Ordinance
Got the city to change proposed amendments to the Historic Preservation Ordinance, from commercial buildings having to apply for a certificate of non-designation every 6 months to every 10 years, thus allowing buildings to “opt-out” of strict historic district regulations

Maintenance Permit Proposal
Effectively killed a proposal that would have required all building engineers to obtain a yearly “maintenance permit” from the City of Houston (which included a yearly fee & education requirements) 

Certificates of Occupancy
Reached a compromise with the city to alleviate much of the burden and clarified the process for downtown owners and managers by:
  • Allowing a copy of the COO be posted within individual lease spaces, with the original on file with the building (previously, code required that each individual tenant have the original COO)
  • City inspectors will defer to the wishes of the management office on COO responsibility
  • Tenant name changes will not require a new COO

We’re in your corner…fighting for the issues that matter to you.